It is with pleasure that we announce the 2018 Miami International Piano Festival Academy this summer, in partnership with NSU Southeastern University for the third consecutive year.

The Academy is the offspring of the Festival, and it expands the Festival’s mission. Its creation is an important development in our history. It is dedicated to discover, guide, promote, and support the great pianists emerging in this generation through its creative programming and the active participation and guidance of the great pianists we have discovered in the last 21 years.

The Festival, through the Piano Academy, offers a new concept in the education of pianists deserving of such careers as their natural potentials may allow. The Miami International Piano Festival Academy’s summer program is intense, and it is designed to explore the art of piano playing by emphasizing personal, artistic, and technical development with innovative concepts for artists who are pursuing a performing career. Through this program, participants will have the opportunity to take part in intensive private lessons with our stellar faculty, participate in master classes, technique clinics, discussions of specific piano repertoire and opportunities to perform during the Program.

During the three previous programs every student had daily access to every member in the Faculty and as the Academy was in action, we witnessed brilliant exchanges of ideas, heard performances that demonstrated swift achievement, and subsequently read dozens and dozens of comments by those who had been present. The participants found the experience life-changing and highly motivating.

We invite you to explore our website read testimonials, and watch our promotional videos, which tell the story of our three successful 2015, 2016 and 2017 summer programs.