Asiya Korepanova

Asiya Korepanova

Upcoming Presentation

The Magic of Opera Arias & Piano Masterpieces 

MAY 31, 200
7:30 pm

Asiya Korepanova is a creative force. Her virtuosity as a pianist is best defined by a supreme level of technical aptitude, combined with her acutely individualized musical interpretations. A broad and unique artist, she also expresses herself through several other mediums; transcription, visual arts, poetry, and composition. Through exploring and combining these art forms, Asiya continually rediscovers new ways to apply her creativity. Having an extensive piano repertoire, she is most fond of performing entire piano cycles. She is currently the only pianist to perform the complete 24 Franz Liszt Etudes at the same recital. 

 In accordance with this passion, in June 2017 Asiya launched “Festival Baltimore,” an annual two-week chamber music series and summer academy featuring the complete works of composers in various genres. Festivals with unique programming is one of the purposes of Asiya’s non-profit organization “Music for Minds,” which also focuses on bringing classical performances to children directly to their classrooms. 

An enthusiastic transcriber, Asiya composed the first ever transcriptions of Richard Strauss’s symphonic poem “Ein Heldenleben” and complete Rachmaninoff Cello Sonata for piano solo. Many of her transcriptions can be heard in her YouTube project “Midnight Pieces,” a one of its kind projects launched in September 2017. 

Asiya was born in Izhevsk, Russia. Raised in a musical family, she began to learn piano when she was 4 years old from her mother, her first piano teacher. She was taught to read music in orchestral clefs by her father, an exemplary composer, at the age of 6. At 9, she had her orchestral debut, with Mozart’s’ no 8 Concerto, adding her own cadenza, and her first philharmonic recital. At 12, she was awarded the Russian Federation’s President Award for “Exceptional Achievement in the Arts.”

Her love for new music has come effortlessly as a result of her early bond with composition. She was invited to premiere 3 piano concertos by Vladislav Kazenin and Shamil Timerbulatov, with the Svetlanov Symphony Orchestra, the Saint Petersburg Capella Symphony Orchestra, the Ural Philharmonic Orchestra and the Tatarstan National Symphony Orchestra.

Throughout her formative years in Russia, Ms. Korepanova received various awards for her prodigious abilities. These include the Russian Federation’s President Award for “Exceptional Achievement in the Arts”. the National Award from the Republic of Udmurtia (2002), Germany’s Berliner Salon Award (2003), and Russia’s Youth Triumph Award (2005), the title of ‘Honored Artist of Udmurtia’ (2009) and earned her right as the Moscow Philharmonic Society’s artist.