Dmitry Ablogin was born on the 1st of February 1989 in Moscow. In 2004 Dmitry graduated with honors from Children’s Music School No. 11 (studied with Tamara Mezhlumova) and entered the Central Music School under the Moscow State Conservatory (studied with Kira Shashkina), which he graduated from in 2007. In 2007 Dmitry entered the Gnessin Academy of Music under the instruction of Professor Vladimir Tropp. In 2012 he graduated with honors from the Academy. Dmitry continued his education as assistant under the guidance of Professor Tropp (the Gnessin Academy of Music, 2012-2014).

He won several international competitions, among them the Igumnov Piano Competition in Lipetsk, the Nikolai Rubinstein Competition in Paris, the Competition in commemoration of Vera Lotar-Shevchenko in Novosibirsk. Dmitry is a laureate of several international piano and chamber music festivals including «Portraits of the Young», «Ars Longa» (Moscow, Russia), «the 15th Anniversary of Boris Tarakanov’s Sheet Music Archive» (Moscow, Russia), «Mozart, You are God» (Moscow, Russia), «Festival in memory of Vera Lotar-Shevchenko» (Ekaterinburg, Russia), «Regertagen in Moskau», «Internationale Kammermusikwoche Böhlen/Thüringische Sommerakademie» (Böhlen, Germany), «the Night of Music» (Moscow, Russia), «Piano Loop Festival» (Split, Croatia).

From 2007 till 2012 Dmitry annually toured France performing in Salle Cortot in Paris, Nice Conservatory Concert Hall and other cities.  Dmitry gave concerts in Belgium, Germany and Norway.  He repeatedly cooperated with Moscow Chamber Orchestra “The Seasons”, Novosibirsk Ballet and Opera Theater Orchestra, Pavel Slobodkin Center Symphony Orchestra and Dubna Symphony Orchestra; he also worked with such renowned conductors as Vladislav Bulakhov, Evgeny Bushkov, Vladimir Rozhkov and Leonid Nikolaev.

Dmitry collaborates with modern composers: in 2008 he participated in recording a disc with Kirill Volkov’s works, in 2011 he was the first to perform Polina Nazaykinskaya’s musical pieces in Russia, he also participated in the anniversary evening with Roman Ledenev.
Dmitry focus on chamber music is strong.   He performs with Manuel Fischer- Dieskau, Eliot String Quartet, Eduard Brunner and Maryana Osipova on a regular basis

He performs as a soloist and in chamber music recitals in worldwide.