Dear Friends:

I would like to welcome you to the 2017 Season in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of “The Miami International Piano Festival ”

This important anniversary is the culmination of an inspiring journey to fulfill our original mission which is to discover and support the most compelling pianists emerging in this generation and to continue our efforts to re-invigorate popular interest in classical music and widen our audience by incorporating innovative ideas.

As we conclude the 2017 Aventura Series with the astonishing performance of Serbian pianist Misha Dacic ,we look forward to presenting the debuts of THREE stunning pianists in this year’s Discovery Series at the Colony Theater from May 11 – May 14, culminating our season with an evening for opera and piano lovers in collaboration with the Vocal Studio of Manny Perez. The Discovery Series is our main series and continues to be our Crown Jewel.

We also celebrate this season the continuation of the Miami International Piano Festival Academy in July of 2017 in partnership with NSU Southeastern University. The Piano Academy is the offspring of the Miami International Piano Festival Academy and it represents an important development in our history, following in the tradition of the Festival which is dedicated to discover, guide, promote and support the great pianists emerging in this generation through creative programming and the active participation and guidance of the great pianists we have discovered in the last 20 years, as part of our mission we want to create a legacy of knowledge and inspiration for the next generation of pianists who will in turn carry the torch for future generations.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to our patrons, our board members and our friends for understanding our message and also for so generously contributing to the realization of our mission and the success of our artists. It takes a village to do great things and I fervently hope that you will continue to support our efforts, our exciting programs, and most importantly our artists, by becoming active participants in this exciting musical journey.


Thank you for joining us and for making these past 20 years so rewarding for our artists and the community.


Giselle Brodsky

Artistic Director and Co-Founder

Miami International Piano Festival