MIPF Fights COVID-19

A special message from our director

Dearest Friends and Supporters,

During this gravely difficult time facing the world, we regret to announce that the Miami International Piano Festival has cancelled the remainder of the 2019-2020 Season ending in May 31, due to the coronavirus pandemic.  The protective measures ordered throughout the world do not allow our Festival to move forward with our season.

This difficult decision was primarily motivated by a concern to preserve public health, and the well-being of our audience, artists, students and all those who, in one way or another, contribute to the success of the Miami International Piano Festival.

Despite the inevitable disappointment you will feel when you hear this news, I hope you will understand the stakes involved in assessing the risks that our entire society is currently facing.

This situation will undoubtedly have human and financial consequences that will be difficult to manage. The Festival is committed to doing everything it can to ensure that these consequences are as harmless as possible.

Your loyal support is more important than ever. I appeal to your generosity so that all who have already made their contributions to our association for the current year, consider their donations as gifts of support through this crisis.

As we look to our next season (2020 – 2021) we have added dates to accommodate those artists that we were unable to present due to these unfortunate circumstances.  We have added additional dates to the Aventura Series and more dates to our Debut Series at the Wolfsonian-FIU Museum. 

Also, in the next few months we will launch a Virtual Concert Hall platform where we will livestream recitals of many of the wonderful artists that have graced our stage.

I thank you wholeheartedly for your kind understanding and hope to share the artistry of our great artists very soon.

I wish you strength and courage, as we face the difficult weeks ahead of us, and hope that we will all emerge, stronger and with more inspiration than ever, after this crisis.  

With my warmest regards and wishes for good health, 


This season we celebrate our 23rd anniversary, a milestone in an inspiring and ongoing journey. The pianists that the Miami International Piano Festival (Festival) has discovered have dazzled music critics with their virtuosity and are expanding their careers while setting a path for the next generation of aspiring pianists.

Starting this season, we are delighted to announce that the debuts of pianists performing in the “Discovery Series” (the crown jewel of the Festival) will take place in the inspiring and intimate setting of the Wolfsonian Museum. The Wolfsonian, located in the heart of the Art Deco District of Miami BeachFlorida, is a museum, library, and research center that uses its collection to illustrate the persuasive power of art and design. However, the last concert of the “Discovery Series,” The Magic of Opera Arias and Piano Masterpieces, will continue to take place at the Colony Theater in the South Beach art deco district.

Our 2019 season offered an unprecedent number of piano recitals to the Miami and Broward counties, a total of 27 performances, surpassing the number of performances of any other musical organization in the United States. In addition, we offered an exciting performance that combines opera arias and virtuoso piano pieces and transcriptions based on operas.  This enjoyable and popular concert will be staged again in 2020 featuring several great singers from the vocal studio of Manny Perez and pianists MICAH MCLAURIN (USA), KEMAL GEKIC (Croatia) and JOSU DE SOLAUN (Spain).

Last season we expanded our outreach to Key Biscayne through a partnership with the Key Biscayne Piano Festival, under the artistic direction of Amarylli Fridegotto, a dynamic and passionate pianist and pedagogue who shares our artistic vision.  This important collaboration was extremely successful and has proven to be crucial in expanding the scope of our audience and exposure of our pianists.

This season we are proud to present recitals in four wonderful venues:

Six performances as part of the “Classical Sundays at Five” program at the beautiful Aventura Arts and Cultural Center, featuring: PIETRO DE MARIA (Italy), soprano EGLISE GUTIERREZ (Cuba), and pianists MICAH MCLAURIN (USA), JORGE LUIS PRATS (Cuba), MISHA DACIC (Serbia), ILYA ITIN (Russia), and KEMAL GEKIC (Croatia).

Six performances at the Key Biscayne Piano Festival in the Crossbridge Church, featuring pianists: PIETRO DE MARIA (Italy), soprano EGLISE GUTIERREZ (Cuba), and pianists MICAH MCLAURIN (USA), JORGE LUIS PRATS (Cuba), MISHA DACIC (Serbia), ILYA ITIN (Russia), and KEMAL GEKIC (Croatia).

The “Discovery Series” will present five performances and include the debuts of three great pianists and two brilliant prodigies.  The series will present the debuts of Hungarian pianist DANIEL LEBHARDT on February 23, Russian pianist NICOLAS NAMORADZE on April 18, and Israeli pianist TOM BORROW on April 19 at the Wolfsonian Museum. On May 31 we will present the program “Prodigies and Masters of Tomorrow” featuring JACOB VELAZQUEZ and jazz prodigy, FRAZAR HENRY (14-year old composer-pianist) and BRANDON GOLDBERG as well asThe Magic of Opera Arias and Piano Masterpieces” at the Colony Theater in the South Beach art deco district.

The “Master Series” at Nova Southeastern University (2020 Piano Academy Program) will present NINE performances at the Adolfo and Marisela Cotilla Gallery (Alvin Sherman Library) featuring the Miami International Piano Academy stellar faculty: MISHA DACIC (Serbia), JOSU DE SOLAUN (Spain), FRANCESCO LIBETTA (Italy), ILYA ITIN (Russia), FLORIAN NOACK (Belgium), ZLATA CHOCHIEVA (Russia), KEMAL GEKIC (Croatia), and violinists IGOR and VESNA GRUPPMAN.