Patrons of Exceptional Artists was established in 1997 as a 501 (c)(3) publicly supported Foundation, dedicated to developing the careers of future great performing artists.

Recognizing that the “Arts Patron” has historically played a vital role in the successful development of great artists, the organization makes easier the often-daunting effort of connecting incredibly gifted artists with patrons who share mutual interests and artistic vision.

Throughout history, generous patrons, artistic mentors, and interested professionals have propelled the careers of exceptional artists. The challenge in today’s fast-paced, global and digital society is to bring patrons, artist-mentors, and resources together in meaningful ways for the exceptional artist.

The Foundation, therefore, strives to eliminate the challenges most exceptional artists face securing the assistance of sincere patrons and appropriate guidance.

While funding is commonly available to young artists for educational purposes, little to no aid is readily available for the artist who is ready to launch a career. After years of study, preparation, and even brilliant debuts, the artist is left to navigate a labyrinth of career twists and turns. There are many unknowns for the artist:

· How to get important auditions?

· How to organize major recitals?

· How to gain recognition from critics?

· How to develop a strong public relations program?

· How to get top-notch professional management?

· How to continue growing artistically while also keeping up with career demands?

The Foundation provides its exceptional artists with a dynamic process of formulating and implementing career-building strategies. These strategies facilitate the artist’s progression from an undiscovered talent to a renowned international performer.

The Miami International Piano Festival was launched as the main public outreach vehicle for the Foundation and serves to provide the exceptional artists with world class performance opportunities and recording projects.

The Foundation also provides artistic resources and enrichment programs to its patron-members to help them identify truly gifted performing artists on the brink of a major career.

Patrons of Exceptional Artists’ mission is to ensure that patron-aid is applied in a meaningful and appropriate way.

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Many of the exceptional artists, who have successfully launched their career with support from the organization, are now Foundation Alumni and are eager to serve as artistic advisors and role models for newly emerging artists. Additionally, the grateful exceptional artists often perform at fundraising events that benefit the Foundation and future exceptional artists.

Many opportunities are available to make a difference in the career development of an exceptional artist. Your thoughtful contributions will be gratefully and personally acknowledged by the organization and the artists.